1. White Goat Chesse On Foccacia 1.100 KD 
Chesse, fresh basil, roasted peppers, Spring onion, virgin olive oil. Garlic paste.

2. Grilled Halloum On Foccacia 1.200 KD
Slice Halloom, fresh mint, black olives, zaatar, tomato, virgin olive oil.

3. Grilled Mozzarella On Foccacia 1.300 KD
Slice mozzarella, Eggplant, roasted pepper, Salsaverde sauce.

4. Cheddar Cheese and Seasonal Greens On Vennoise 1.250KD
Yellow Cheese, mayo, seasonal greens, pickles.

5. Egg on Vennoise 1.000 KD
Egg, mayo, mustard, pickles, celery lettuce.

6. Grilled marinated Vegetables’ On Foccacia 1.000KD
Grilled eggplant, zucchini. Onion with roasted peppers and balsamic vinegar.

7. Premium Tuna On Vannoise 1.300 KD       
Tuna, red peppers, pickle, celery, mayo.

8. Smoked Turkey With Avocado & greens On Baguette 1.500 KD
Slice Turkey, avocado, tomato, lettuce.

9. Grilled Chicken With Mushrooms On Foccacia 1.500 KD
Breast Chicken, mayo, Fresh Mushroom, oregano, olive oil.

10. Grilled Chicken With Avocado On Baguette 1.500 KD
Breast chicken, mayo. roasted peppers, avocado, lettuce.

11. Grill Tandoori Chicken Tikka On Rye1.500 KD
Grilled chicken Tikka, chutney sauce, mint mayo, lettuce.

12. . Beef Steak On Parsley Foccacia 1.600 KD
Grilled beef, onions, mustard, garlic mayo, lettuce, salsa sauce.

13. Roast Beef On Baguette 1.300 KD
Grilled Roast beef, pickles, onion. Butter. Cocktail sauce, lettuce.

14. Salami With Cheese On Baguette 1.300 KD
Salami, cheddar cheese, burter.mayo, mustard, pickles, lettuce.

15. Grill Bacon & Chicken Club 1.600 KD    
Bacon, chicken, oregano, olive oil, Boiled Egg, tomato, pickals, lettuce, salsa sauce.

16. Club House Chicken & Turkey 1.600 KD
Chicken, turkey, tomato, lettuce, salsa sauce

17.Hamburger Melt on Foccacia (New) 1.600 KD
Minced beef stuffed with garlic, cheese, green capsicum and Mushroom.

18. Chicken kebab with grilled Vegetables on Baguette (New) 1.500

19. Chicken Kebab with Garden on Baguette (New) 1.500

(additional 400 fils charged per extra ingredients)

cheese on tortilla wraps (New)
1. Labneh with zaatar 1.200 KD
2. Spinach with labaneh 1.200KD
3. Halloum with zaatar on salsaverde sauce 1.400 KD
4. Mozzarella cheese with salsaverde sauce 1.400KD
5. Khaskaval cheese with sausages 1.400 KD
6. Chedder cheese with seasonal greens 1.200 KD
7. Falafil mozzarella pesto mayo 1.200 KD
8. Saffron aioli falafel 1.200 KD
9. Falafil turnips on tahina 1.200 KD

Grill on tortilla wraps (New)
1. Chicken ceasor with parmesan cheese 1.600 KD
2. Steak ceasor with cheddar cheese 1.600 KD
3. Chicken with mushroom & mozzarella cheese 1.600 KD
4. Creamy cheese with chicken & mozzarella cheese 1.600 KD
5. Chicken with bacon & eggs 1.600 KD
6. Mortadella with cheddar cheese 1.600 KD
7. Turkey with cheddar cheese 1.600 KD

(Additional 400 fils charged per extra ingredients)

1. Strait                                                     
2. Potato Wedges                                   
3. Onion Ring                                            
. Fresh Fruit Salad (New)  1.400 KD
1. P ineapple,Mango,Ginger & Lime 0.900 KD
2. Kiwi, Green Apple & Mint 0.900 KD
3. Fresh Orange 0.750 KD
4. Fresh Lemon & Mint on 7up 0.750 KD

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7up, Diet 7up, Miranda, Shani, Mineral Water (200) Fils

Lettuce & Cabbage Wraps:-
1. Greek with Feta Cheese 1.200
Feta chz,greek olives,mint,tomato, cucumber,lemon
2.cheddar Cheese 1.200
Mayo, cheese,tomato,celary,gargeer,pickals
3.labanah with kalamatta olives 1.200
Labanah,zaater, red+green papper,olives,cucumber
4.Smoked turkey with white cheddar cheese 1.400
Turkey, chesse,tomato,avocado
5.Mortadella with white cheddar cheese 1.400
6.salami with white cheddar cheese 1.400
Cheese,salami,mayo, mustard,pickals

7.Egg Omelet with Cheddar Cheese on vennoise(or)Tortilla 1.400
Omelet,cheese, mayo,tomato,lettuce
8.Red Omelet with Mushroom on vennoise (or) Tortilla 1.400
Omelet,grilled onion, mushroom,tomato,mayo, red+green papper,lettuce
9.Vegetable club House 1.400

Irani Khubus (or) Tortilla
10.Andalusian Falafel 1.200
Falafel,mozzarella,roased papper,pesto mayo, olives,gargeer,lettuce
11.Scrambled eggs 1.200
Eggs,salt,paper,white chdder cheese,parsley,lettuce
12.Dudi Chicken 1.500
Cheddar cheese,chichen,mortadella,mayo,pickals, tomato,lettuce

1. Steak salad (New)   1.600 KD
Roman lettuce, crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes, red bell pepper, carrot, red onion, Green olives, homemade honey mustard

.2. Creamy cheese salad (New) 1.500 KD
Ice berg lettuce, tomatoes, gargeer, cucumber, grated cheese, creamy cheese, salad dressing

3. Teriyaki chicken salad (New) 1.600 KD
Chicken, mozzarella cheese, parmessan cheese, tomatoes, romain lettuce, Japanese ginger dressing

4. Whole Corn With Avocados 1.300 KD
Corn Kernals. Ice bergs, cherry tomato, avocado, vinegrate mustard.

5. Seasonal Greens 1.200 KD
Icebergs, Romaine.greenapple, cucumber, gergeer. barbeer. olives, balsamic vinegar.

6. Tuna With Greens  1.400 KD
Tuna, ice bergs, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, gergeer.thousand island.

7. Ceasor Chicken 1.500 KD
Romaine.Grill chicken,crutons.grano pandono.home made ceasor dressing.

8. Ceasor Plain 1.200 KD
Romaine, crutons, grano pandono, home made ceasor dressing.

9. (A) Arugula Mushroom
    (B) Arugula Pomegranate
  1.200 KD
Fresh button mushrooms (or) Pomegranate arils on a bed of arugula, home made dressing.

10. Greek Salad   1.200 KD
Gargeer.mint,parsley,coriander,Romaine lettuce, feta cheese,black olives with salsa Dressing.

11. Chicken Salad 1.400 KD
Grilled chicken, American lettuce with Salsa Dressing.

12.Turkey Roasts Salad 1.400 KD
Turkey,Roast beef, boiled egg, sweet corn & Seasonal greens.

Create your own sandwich

Non – Veg = 2.000 KD
Vegetarian = 1.600 KD

        Foccacia BREAD

        Baguette BREAD

        Rye BREAD

        Vennoise BREAD

        Parsley Foccacia BREAD

choose any 1. extra ingredient 0.500fils
1. White Goat
2. Fresh Mozzarella
3. Yellow (cheddar)
4. Halloum
5. Swiss cheese
6. Feta cheese
7. Parmessan
8. Khaskaval
9. Falafel

choose any 1. extra ingredient 0.600fils
1. Grilled Chicken
2. Tandoori Chicken
3. Grilled beef steak
4. Smoked Turkey
5. Salami
6. Roast Beef
7. Bacon
8. Tuna
9. Mortadella
10. Egg

choose 3. items extra ingredients 0.150fils
1. Lettuce
2. Tomato
3. Roasted Peppers
4. Onion
5. Avocado
6. Eggplant
7. Zucchini (Kusa)
8. Lemon
9. Celery
10. Gargeer
11. Mushroom
12. Grilled Onion

choose 3. items extra ingredients 0.150fils

1. Olive paste
2. Olives
3. Mustard
4. Mayonnaise
5. Salsa Verde
6. Chutney
7. Mint Mayo
8. Garlic Mayonnaise
9. Honey mustard
10.Cocktail sauce



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